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Friday, February 4, 2011

Who's Coming With Me?

Beloved Daughter of The Most High God,
it is time for your voice to be heard.
The keys to eternal promises and truths lay in your hands waiting to unlock the treasures bestowed upon those who are called His Own.
You have the ability to draw others to your side in all you say and do. You have virtues that surpass the pretentious and the pious. 
Redemption has made you whole, and in your fullness there is a richness that extends beyond the wealth of this world.

Priceless is your value,
Divine is your calling,
Treasured is your soul.

You have a creativity like no other and you outshine the stars when you smile with all your heart. Those beautiful eyes have seen much in their lifetime, but nothing compared to His Glory that awaits you. 
Take heart oh lovely one, for your hero is coming, and is already here. Having fought the battle through mockery, brutality, resistance and thorns just to get to you, to rescue you. Who are you that He would come for you? unworthy, unwanted, fallen and damaged you say. 
He thinks not. 
His eyes are fixed on you for you are all that He says you are - 

Set Apart. 

Galant, courageous and splendid he comes, ready to tear down the fortress that would have you imprisoned for eternity. Ready to save you, ready to take you on a ride into the unknown, into adventure, into freedom.
Come sweet beauty, 
for He is calling you, though you are weak, He makes you strong. There is nothing to fear. That tower built up around you is not safe, but His loving arms are. Fall into them, let Him love you. 
In even a whisper your Saviour will come to your side, for He knows just where to find you, you are never lost in His sight.
Feel the wind in your hair, warm sun on your skin, let Him lead you my dear girl, for He is The One who knows the way.

'He rescued me because He delights in me' - Psalm 18:19


  1. A beautiful post that speaks to my heart :)

  2. So happy to have found your blog...What a beautifully written post

  3. Thank you Tammi, it was from my heart and TO my heart as I wrote it, glad it found it's way to yours too:) x
    Hi Danica, so honoured to have you join me, it's very early days for me on this blogging journey, still just feeling my way, so nice to have you here! x

  4. Wow! This is so beautiful. It's going straight to my pool room...er - Princess Warrior Lessons FB page!!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my Dream post. Doesn't it make a difference just to breathe?

    I have bene having a look around you blog - I love it! I think I have found a kindred.

    Yes, ME - I'm coming too ;)

  5. Oh WOW right back!- Hello famous Jo Princess Warrior!!!!! Um I'm kinda lost for words that you are here and I now have a grin from ear to ear:) Love your work, so glad to be doing the blogging journey with you, and yes, kindreds indeed!!! Fun days ahead- yay! x

  6. Ha ha! I'm famous???!!!

    I'll let you in on a little secret - I'm just a girl with a computer in love with our King because He first loved me, using my God-given gift of writing (and whatever else He asks me to do) to share what I am learning on my journey. See, no different from you really! xo

  7. Beautiful and inspiring post :-)

  8. Aaah, so blessed to have you in my life beautiful friend - and love that you are sharing the blessing you are to the world!

  9. Overwhelmed and Blessed! What can I say?! So lovely to have you all along for the ride, thanks for stopping by and for sharing some encouragement, what treasures you are!!!
    'she laughs without fear of the future' -Psalm 31:25 (NLT)
    Great days ahead, so glad you're here! xx

  10. What a great post to read at the end of a long tiring day! Thanks :)

  11. Hi & Welcome to Paisley Jade & Eileen - so blessed to have you here! We certainly have a Beautiful Saviour huh!! His love blows me away every single day! Have a lovely day ladies:) x