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Monday, January 31, 2011

a Beautiful book indeed!

So I finished a book last night. If you saw the size of it you might laugh coz one could read it in a day, but it's not that kind of book. This little book was the kind I picked up sometimes at the right time, and sometimes at the wrong time and when the latter happened it would always put the 'wrong' into perspective and help to bring me out of wherever I was stuck. It's the kind of book I'd pick up on the evenings the kids were in bed and Mr Bright Spark was out and I'd run myself and lovely big bath and sit and soak, book in hand, (dry ones of course:) bubbles up to my chin... ahh bliss! 
It's the kind of book I aspire to write myself someday. 
I have bought it for many friends and family members, all up I counted 17 purchases from the shop that sells it!

Every page is rich in beauty, love, truth, hope & promise. The writer knows the cry of our human hearts, and better yet, she knows the heart of our beautiful God. I am changed because of this book, and I don't say that lightly.

So now that I am finished means I can start it all over again! oh and it's the kind of book you can pick up and read wherever you open to and know that it will resonate within your very soul.

If you don't own one, you should - here it is .... Enjoy!


  1. Oh it is lovely!! And thank you! And you are totally lovely miss Sunday Peach xxx

  2. Thanks Miss Stacey:)

    Oh and I should clarify - I have been reading this lovely red treasure for over a year, hence my comment that one might laugh coz I've only just finished it:) I knew what I meant in my head but sometimes it comes out different - lol x

  3. Hey SNAP! I am reading this book right now. Isn't is it amazing???