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Sunday, January 30, 2011

falling for you

So today's scheduled storm was downgraded, still a storm, but a mild one nonetheless. i thought that might happen. How typical of human nature that we get caught up in the hype & the dramas, only to find all that expended energy, of thinking possibly the worst, then only to find it was really not that bad. 
Such is life, we can get so worked up about things, over thinking, over analysing, caught up in the dramatics when pfft, what was all that worrying for?!
I am reminded of the time things shifted for me and Mr Bright Spark (the husband/electrician:) We were in a time of ministry transition in our church, stepping out from leading in an area that i later realised i had based my identity on. I found myself crying out to God at the time (whilst cleaning out a cupboard of course) I was feeling very naked without my 'label', my position, my false identity.  i remember saying to Him,
 "I don't want to just float God, I wasn't built for floating, I was built to soar. I want to soar!" 

His response was short but to the point and clear as day, 

"Well stop flapping then!"  

Right then, in that moment came the calm. My ears heard it, my heart listened & also obeyed, and I knew I just had to fall, 

like an albatross off a cliff 

and trust that He would be there to catch me, 

carry me.

I also knew I just had to shut up! To ssssh the voice of 'but this' & 'but that' and but, but, but, but, but!
Stop flapping. I had never realised until then how exhausting I had found that to be. Oh me of little faith!

Even when I think of it now I get that falling feeling, but it's exhilarating. A little like the feeling of standing at the end of the jetty this evening, all alone, in the rain, tide rising, wind blowing.

I've now grown quite accustomed to falling (in the right kind of sense) I'm not quite soaring yet, more like a baby bird in the early stages of learning how to fly, but at least I'm venturing out coz I know there's some beautiful feathers that will gather me up and nestle me in when I need.

"He will shield you with his wings. He will shelter you with his feathers" - Psalm 91:4

Here's a few pics from my phone tonight:
A Mild Storm
eye of the storm perhaps? 
Clouds were moving so fast I almost missed this!

 i relished every minute of standing in the wind & rain at the end of this jetty.
Crazy much?? Yep!!
 then i turned around to leave the jetty & saw this - woops!
different jetty up the road, i walked on this one too,
good thing i got off though:)

And now I feel a little like Helen Hunt in Twister,
a Storm Chaser, what a fun job! (maybe:)


  1. Isn't it so typically human to do just that, worrying over nothing and then realising our energies could of been better spent elsewhere and just trusting in what will be.
    I love being by the sea when it comes to life like this, your pics are amazing!!

  2. I remember listening as you shared God's response with me once, and it's an analogy I have never forgotten!
    You are made to soar my beautiful and from my angle, it looks to me like that's exactly what you're doing! xx

  3. Too true lovely Tammi, and yes, the sea was very much alive that evening. I love how it is ever-changing, full of fury & power one minute, calm and still the next. Grey and dark and murky, then turquoise, blue and green - never ceases to amaze me!
    My beautiful Em, you are so good for my heart!