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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riders On The Storm

You would never know, never guess by my surroundings that a storm is headed my way. Right now, all is still, all is calm, the air is thick with heat and humidity, there is no wind, no movement. My hometown has been told to be on lockdown, for a cyclone is headed our way and is likely to disrupt a few things as it passes by in the coming hours. We've got in first in our backyard, before the storm hits & overturned the trampoline, stacked the outside chairs, battened down the hatches, so to speak. We are prepared, we are ready for nature's fury.
but all is still.
it's the calm before the storm.
Like the weather, I find myself unpredictable at times. Seemingly calm on the outside but tumultuous on the inside. But it's ok, i have my own warning system in place. It's The One who tells me to keep my eyes on Him lest I sink. Who calls me unto the deep and seek Him there. The One who calms the waves and wind, The One who says it's ok to sleep though others may be anxious around me. The One who tells me what to hold on to and what to let go of. He wants me to know He is in control, to remain still and know He is my safe refuge. To cling on to Him for dear life. He's the whisper in my heart that calms the tempest within.
Unlike the coming storm, there will always be the unknown, the things that hit without warning and attempt to knock us off our feet, shake things up a bit and have the potential to leave a mess in the wake of such wrath. The storms of life often hit without warning, but are also inevitable. In knowing that, we can sort of prepare for the unprepared, by not being overtaken when the storms do come, but rather, ride them out! We don't have to be moved if we listen to the warning system that tells us to lock-down, stand firm, hold our ground & fix our gaze on Him, The One & Only God Almighty. We may find afterwards there is a little unwanted debris that's been tossed around, it's not worth keeping, it's likely it would never have sustained us eternally, so let it go. What remains was meant to and will be used for our betterment.
What a promise.
What a hope.
What a storm.
Bring it on!

and then after the storm - a rainbow.

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