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Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Heart

My brain is like mash potato and my house is like hiroshima...but I'm ok with it!

Have you ever had that feeling you are exactly where you are meant to be? For the first time in a long while I feel like that. I went 'back to school' this week to study full-time. The days are already a blur & after reading this chicky's blog & book i can very much relate to the mashed potato brain analogy. I had to double-check that today was in fact Friday!

So I have the most incredible opportunity before me thanks to God The Amazing & my Mr Bright Spark to be able to pursue my passion & dream to study Photography. Now that my studies have begun, it seems almost criminal going to learn about something so fun!

How do I know I'm where I'm meant to be? Glad you asked! 
I know because there is an ease in working out 'the details'.
I know because I'm growing and being enriched.
I know because after only 3 days on campus, God placed a person in my midst that now knows (thanks to a shot of unfamiliar Godly boldness & courage on my part) that He deeply cares for her, despite her being deemed unpopular and unloveable by the world's standards.

I know because there is life within.

For a long time until very recently I felt that any life within me had been sucked out. (more on that some other time) 

'Now the Lord is Spirit & where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.' 2 Corinthians 3:17

I know because God is leading the way.

The thing about being led by God is that there is a sense of life within. There is joy, peace, harmony, purpose & an ability to carry-on with a happy heart regardless of life's twists & turns.
When we are being led by our own ideas & desires,(by our flesh), there is the opposite, 


If there is confusion, a lack of peace, a feeling of being worn out and just plain old, there is a sense of death on the inside.

When you take action, is it producing life for you, or death?

Our flesh approves things that God disapproves of and God disapproves of the things our flesh approves of. We will often recoil some things God wants us to do, but when we decide to no longer fight it and listen to His Spirit, life is breathed into our soul. 
What God calls us to do, He anoints us to do. He gives the ability to do it and the answers along the way so that we're not wondering what we should and shouldn't do. He sends the right people to walk alongside us or to cross our paths in a divine moment.
So am I bothered that my brain muscles are being over-worked after returning to school after such a long time? Nope! Am I bothered that I've actually considered living in a nudist colony because my washing pile is rapidly growing?!! Nope!
I am happy because there is life on the inside again & I know He's got my back.


  1. A nudist colony sounds inviting until I remember everyone (including myself) would be naked...suddenly my laundry pile is seems quite tolerable. lol :) I, too, have returned to school full time so understand about overworked brain muscles. But what a privilege...and how amazing to know that He's got our back! :)

    Great to meet you! Have a blessed day!

    (By the way...I read your previous post and ...umm...yeah. I almost cried. In fact, when I print it out and read it again, I probably will. Thank you. I think I may post it on my blog with a link back to you if you don't mind.)

  2. Love this... reminds me of that Joyce Meyer message on CD that you let me borrow all those years ago, and I've never forgotten, where she asks if what you're doing is ministering joy and life to you... so powerful!
    You are definitely right where you are meant to be my dear xx

  3. I believe whole heartedly that God has put others in my path to lead me to Him. Everything happens for a reason and I am excited at what the future holds for me.

    You are great at what you do and the beauty is being able to share it with others :o)
    Happy Studying.

  4. Hi Shelly, so nice to meet you & wow! what a privilege to have you here and sharing the love , I truly believe God still wants so many of His Daughters to know of His love & hope in so many ways, so share it however you feel my lovely, what an honour to touch hearts with that post (but then it was straight from HIM so I'm not surprised!!) Em, yep it's those words from Mama Joyce that still ring in my ears - love it, love you sis! Tammi my girl, I love that our paths have aligned at this moment....certainly divine timing!
    Great days ahead girls & thanks so much for the encouragement, my heart is so full to the brim it might burst!!! xxx