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Sunday, February 13, 2011

cupcakes & coffee tables

I love a weekend project & this weekend was no different! I headed up to the shops to buy stuff to make cupcakes for Miss Delight's 5th Birthday Celebrations & came back with a coffee table! 
A good find I thought, 
second-hand from the RSPCA Op-Shop, solid timber & in need of a little TLC. 
I was afraid Mr Bright Spark may not see it's potential & it certainly wasn't love at a first sight in his opinion, but after a busy weekend of Birthday Parties, inspiring Leadership Meetings and the only place to be on Sunday, he came in at the end of the day to sit on the lounge & was pleasantly surprised at the finished product. 
I was pleasantly relieved that it could stay!!!

So here it is, 


 me giving it a sand

 Miss Sunshine & Mr Loveable painting it white,
then we painted pale blue over the top & rubbed it back a bit

 Home Sweet Home


Oh & the cupcakes were made too...
(with the best company in the kitchen!!)



  1. Oh my Peachy - you are sooooo clever!
    I love it girl, well done.


  2. What a fab find...I love it and it looks right at home in your lounge


  3. well done peachy! it looks wonderful in your lovely little lounge. x