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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paper + Tea = Lovely

I am a self confessed paper-holic!
and my addiction is fuelled every so often with a visit to my favourite little Paperie.

I just love the stuff,
to the point I've glued some scrapbooking squares to my daughters' bedroom walls....

....and filled my house making delightful fleur poms for almost every occasion that passes by, from birthdays and baby showers, to engagements and women's conferences, plus some more 'just because'....

I've made music birds,

and cute owls,

and covered some candles,

and cake boards,

and then last night covered some tea tins too...

Who would have thought paper could ever be quite so lovely?!!

Yes it's true, I'm a paper-holic 
and proud of it!


  1. I love walking in to your house and seeing what you have created with some pretty papers... and I love my very own kitchen birds, they make delightful company - just like you! xxx

  2. Look at you Miss Paper Maker Extraordinaire :)
    I love, love, love what you have done with your daughters room and all your other papery delights are just gorgeous!!

  3. Hiya Miss Peachy! Wow!
    Love it all!
    I was going to ask you if those tins were new in at T2 when i saw your pic on instagram!
    Did you just use wallpaper glue on the room wall?
    Zac's room still has a butterfly border from when it was Bella's! I can't find any suitable boy borders so I might just put some boyish paper up?!
    Happy Easter to you all, praying you have the most beautiful of family weekends xx

  4. What a bunch of lovely ideas for paper in here...I might just have to pinch a few :-)

  5. Wow! Paper is beautiful. These works are so lovely. :)

  6. wow so much prettiness with paper. How inspiring!! I have heaps of scrapbooking papers in my craft draws that I might just do some playing with and see what I end up with :-)

  7. Paper-a-holic! But what lovely things you have done with your addiction. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What gorgeous, papery ideas. May I ask what you attached the paper to your T2 tins with? I think they look lovely.