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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where for art thou February?!!

Hello stranger...

Well I have to admit, I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a bit there, so I'm scrambling to make it back on before the week is out! It's nice to be back, so much to tell, just don't quite know where to start so this post could get messy!! (not nasty messy, just jumbled around/thrown together kinda messy;-)

Ok, let's see...hmmm, oh yes that's right,
Had a lovely time with some great friends with plenty of moments to smile about and also enough to frown at too.. Here's a couple of highlights,

Seeing all our hubbies laughing & talking about life without a care in the world. They had moments where they were just boys again, I loved watching them interact & relax.
The look on Mr Bright's Spark's face when he reached the bottom of an incredible waterside = priceless! He beamed sheer exhilaration & excitement (and sound effects, you know like boys do to show wonder & awe - I won't attempt to try write it)
Beautiful girls to shop with, laugh with, eat with, trek the sticky, hot streets with & share anti-bacterial gel with

Floppy, listless babies with skin sores in the arms of women begging who look at you with such sorrow in their eyes - whether they are faking it or not they are in very real & desperate need (not necessarily for money either)
Not so nice market people
The damaging effects certain aspects of Western Culture has had on a vulnerable nation

And then I came home and back to a full day of study in the city, 
followed by the pick up of our adorable latest blue-eyed addition... 
Meet Harley!

But the week wasn't over, I managed to make up for many cuddles, reading books & lot's of love with my three wonders of the world.
 I had a primary school reunion with a few friends I've re-connected with from Year 6,
 I witnessed three spectacular seaside sunsets by our glorious God who never ceases to amaze me & used some of the time for photography assignments while I was down there...Phew!
Yes, most of February has been a bit of a blur really, being wife, mum, student, dog trainer etc.. Life is hectic but I'm loving it..
'The joy of the Lord is my strength' - Nehemiah 8:10

I'm really enjoying studying, it's exhausting but fun at the same time. A cup of tea at the end of the day never tasted so good!! I'm not so nervous now than on the first day when I jumped on the train, sat next to a lady ready alien conspiracy theories (no kidding) and looked all around me to find a world I really don't feel like I fit into...
But it's all good, 
I have this uncanny feeling I can't quite describe so you'll have to take my word for it but I feel like God has me just where He wants me at this particular point in time....and I am so fine with that.
I also had the pleasure of hosting a beautiful friend's surprise 40th last night, then today I was in the city again (the 4th time this week) to seek out good wedding photography spots for another friend's up-coming big day & tomorrow morning I'm on Children's Church....time for this little Peach to retire for the evening, or I may be a tad fuzzy!
Oh, but before I forget, look at what I snapped up this week in a little second-hand shop, how cute!
Much Love x


  1. You have been one very busy little Peach haven't you!

    Love Love Loving your thrift find : )


  2. YIPPIE!!


    At last.
    I've missed your pen my girl..


  3. Sounds like a joyous blur of a month :)

    OH MY!! Your find...LOVE!

    and little Harley is a handsome boy