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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

be the change

I really missed not being able to go to this year's Colour Conference at Hillsong Sydney
and the whole time it was on I just kept thinking about it,
thinking about how much it had enlarged my head and my heart the year before. But it got to a point where I couldn't STOP thinking about it and I knew God was onto something.

There is something burning in my spirit, something alive and well and yearning to be the change.

Orphans. Sisters. Nations.

as the Sisterhood had put it

and as God the Kind was reminding me.

In order to see a change, we need to be the change.

If you have read my previous post, you will see that I consider a sister a precious commodity.
I am really, truly blessed that I have many. I love that we can have family beyond our genetic pool or legal arrangements. That there are those we do life alongside, who celebrate our successes and not just notice when we fail. Those whose strength you can lean on when at the times you have virtually none of your own. I love that He gives us family and that we can be family to others.

I could do nothing but smile as my favourite neighbour's adorable 2 year old wandered in my back door yesterday, helped herself to a bowl and some snacks, picked a book from the kidlet's shelf, sat herself down at my bench while I tinkered in the kitchen and sang a little tune to herself. She was quite at home, and so was I.

I had the privilege of attending a High Tea on the weekend. I love that my very own Miss Sunshine came with me.
A room full of mothers, sisters, daughters.
My beautiful Pastor and her two gorgeous girls told us of their life growing in church, their tragedies, their triumphs and their Hope.
My heart swells knowing I am part of a growing sisterhood across the globe as Our Father draws us near.
The glistening, beautiful jewels on His Bride's Gown, dancing and dazzling in the glorious light, casting off reflections in the darkest of places.

I am hoping to make my way to Cambodia a little later in the year to join a woman who has a place for girls who have been trafficked but rescued. Their stories are horrific, heart-wrenching. Here's a clip from last year's Colour Conference that sheds some light on this shocking reality. While I long to travel to the far ends of the earth shining His light, I realise that 'reaching the nations' also means reaching out to those in our own backyard who perhaps from us, may be world's apart. Our nation is in need, our world is in need. I have been hanging out for a copy of this clip for a while and yay, I found it...get the tissues! (and the overalls...there's work to be done -chop chop!)

And what better way to start than His Word and a cup of tea!


  1. I went to Colour this year, my first one and it was life changing!! Got some incredibly profound healing from a lifelong fear of not being 'enough'. I have already registered for next year!!! I've actually been attending an extension service of Hillsong church for about 10 months now and love being part of the expanded vision :-)

  2. Isn't it amazing that after going to a Colour Conference you can't get through that time without thinking about it?!
    It truly does enrich your life and open your eyes to a really needy world.
    Next year! I'm there!
    x Stacey

  3. Aaah, just seeing that tea for one set brings back memories! Loved last year, looking so forward to another one... They are so outreach focused - orphans, sisters, nations... wow!
    Love it my sis! (And inwardly cringing that my Miss E would come and help herself to FOOD etc - oh well, it is her second home, and you her second mummy!) xxx

  4. What an incredible opportunity. I would love to do that. God uses conferences like that to really change our hearts as well as helping others!


    Can't wait to hear more about this Cambodia trip and what wonderful things you'll be doing to help others.

  6. Came to your post from Sarah's. I am enjoying reading some of your entries. I love Hillsong. Appreciate what I have read thus far. Blessings.