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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sea Drift

I write this amidst stacks of books, bits, bags for the salvos and boxes...ugh..never before have I seen so much cardboard!

We are on the move, this little family of mine. I wouldn't exactly call it a sea change, although I could, but we have a lovely slab of ocean just down the road (which I shall miss so dearly) But if you were to stand at said lovely spot and gaze southward, slightly west, beyond the horizon you would find our new place. We are in for a sea drift.
Dunsborough to be exact, slap bang in the heart of the Margaret River Wine Region, an absolutely spectacular piece of this fine earth and sea.
Aside from the excitement of a new chapter, the current one has to end. I can't believe we are leaving this first family home of ours. The 2 bed, 1 bath, 60's beach cottage we extended and renovated. Where I married him, raised our three children up to their ages now of 12, 10 & 6. We've held many celebrations here, killed the grass at least 3 times, nursed babies, seen broken limbs and the odd broken heart...usually mine for one silly reason or another.
I shall miss my studio (the shed hubby built and I stole), the cubby he also built allowing an estimate cost of $300 but ended up closer to $1000. The blue picket fence lovingly licked in the colour of 'Hippy Dippy', the canopy of trees, the timber ceiling I lime-washed and the door frames i'm meant to be scrubbing right now.
My heart will always be tethered to here, this first home, along with our church home, our family and friendships that distance cannot separate. Home is where the heart is.
But home is also where 'they' are. My lot. It's wherever we exist together. Home is where we make it.
This new chapter is full of excitement, adventure, inspiration, probably a little regret in someway or another, definitely lots of love, and complete and utter craziness... but that's just kind of how we do things.

And so we drift.

Farewell little fave, you will be missed.
Come by the new place for a visit and a glass of red. (when i've unpacked the wine glasses of course;)


  1. Closing a chapter is always a little emotional to say the least but this part won't be completely lost to you with our beautiful friend minding the fort...just think of it as your home away from home :)
    And just think of how exciting this coming chapter will be, you are the writer and the world is your oyster!
    Looking forward to that glass of red.

  2. It's going to be weird not having you just there, to see when ever I please. But I am super excited for you & look forward to a new capture of friendship. One where I get to go on road trips to my favourite part of this land and spend time with some of my favourite people. There is good times ahead my 'far from sensible friend' hehe <3 GOOD TIMES!!

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Love you love you love you.

  4. gosh your home is beautiful!! and i can already see your new home shaping up to be just as amazing...hope the shift and transition goes really smoothly.
    xo dee