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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reel Fun

Today was sunny and quite lovely, so I celebrated by getting out a paintbrush and my camera. 
Yep, I did a little DIY,
I'm able to do that kind of thing a bit more these days.

Being in the electrical industry, Mr Hubby Bright Spark has left the odd empty wooden cable reels lying around after he's finished with them for work. I've often looked at them thinking it's such a shame to have them just go to waste, one day i'll have to use one for something creative.

so that one day came today..
and after a lick of paint we now have a handy little table - YAY!


  1. Oh wow, that is pretty groovy! They'd be great as a little bedside table....infact if you have a spare one or two floating about I'd love one for my little Mr..cheeky I know but hey ;)


    1. Thanks Tam and yep they'd make a great bedside table! I originally wanted to paint a couple in pastels and use them for kids tables outside for parties etc...they're the perfect height! Will put in a request to the hubby to not get rid of anymore and I'll add you to the list of those who want one...it seems to be growing;-) xx

  2. Love your lick of paint, and creative goodness, and that you're around here more to share it! Lets lick the paint together sometime ;)

  3. You have such a beauiful blog! LOVE your new table, thanks for the inspiration!! Belinda

    1. Thank you dear lovely - so nice to have you here!

  4. that little vignette in your home is absolutely delightful. Love it! x