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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Treasure in a Trailer Park

Sunday was lovely in so many ways,
busy, but lovely.
It started with church, (a good place to start any week) then lunch at home with hubby and Miss Sunshine while the other two kidlets played with friends. The weather started out a bit wintery and grey with moody skies. Then, out came the sun and dried up all the rain, so incy-wincy me decided to hit the beach to shoot for an up-coming photographic assignment! I had to shoot on film and haven't yet developed it in the darkroom, but just so you don't completely miss out I took a few shots on my phone too. Don't ya just love technology! (actually I'm extensively limiting my time on various technological outlets which is why I'm a bit quiet on the social media networks at the moment like FB, Twitter, Instagram & Blogs- but that's another story) Just making sure I'm putting the Big Guy first that's all, everything else is a bonus!

Anyway, Ta Da, here's a few simple phone pics..

So with camera in hand, the film all shot, sand in my toes and a soothing for my soul, I began to make my way home. I hadn't gone far when I found myself eyeing off cute old retro caravans at a local beach caravan/trailer park that's been operating there since I was a kid. I liked seeing how something so portable had become so permanent for some, complete with hanging baskets and little gardens and trinkets and things. I was reminded of how I loved spending time in my Grandparent's caravan park when I was little, and admit I've had gypsy dreams of living in one from time to time, traveling here, there and everywhere.

I wasn't far into my day-dreaming when I began to think about 
The lady I met on the train.
The home that I had taken her to was a caravan at another park just up the road, so I decided to take a visit.
I had been back once before, since I had first dropped her off but found she was still in Sydney with her sick daughter. It was during that visit I learned of her name from the lovely old lady at the kiosk who knew who I meant on the vague description I had given, but she hadn't told me what number she lived in, or which van was hers. So I almost gave up and went home this time around when I went to enquire once again at the kiosk to find that it was shut for the day (typical seaside town;-) 
I glanced around and it was all so quiet and rather deserted, but instead of going back to my car, I thought I could just take a little wander and 'who knows?' perhaps I'll find her, or someone who can lead me to her. And that is just what happened, with the help of a couple of friendly folk, it turns out that her van was directly behind one I was led to....(oh and the park is quite large just so you know!)

I knocked a few times, hesitant of what I might say, of what she might think and then finally, out she came and gave me the biggest hug! She was so pleased to see me and to be able to tell me that after months of testing and scans, the doctors have said that her daughter has 
I know right?! How amazing is HE - our Healer, our Restorer, 
Our God! 
Once again I was able to share His Love 
with her, 
for her,
for her daughter.

I am in awe.



I'm so grateful for the Sunday that has just been and so excited for the Sunday's to come, coz let's just say there may just be an extra person in my car coming along to Church to hear more of the Good Stuff!

I'll keep you posted!


  1. There are so many great things about this post...love the photos but love even more a story with a happy outcome. Just another shining example of how our God works..love, love, love!!!


  2. Oh Rach!
    Our God is awesome!
    He is so loving and so true to His word.
    Love your heart and LOVE that you listen to His.
    Cuppa again real soon!

  3. What an awesome sequel to you story ..thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Just came by your lovely blog (can't remember how?) Such a nice place to stop by for a while. Love your post, what a wonderful story! God is always so faithful. Thanks for sharing x